Create Business System


Business means to create a system. We have to create customers and keep them. Also, we need to pick up the correct information. Anyway, I will tell you about the business system creation.

Create Business System

Let me explain business system. I’d be happy if you read this article.


What is system?

I know you often heard the word “system”. A system that is a set of things gets you any results. So, a business system makes results to create customers and keep them. A business system tells you about your current situation, such as the numbers of your customer. After you understand the numbers of your customer, you can expect to know your sales figure. It’s a great for your business. Plus, you can handle your business more easily if you know your current situation.



Business System Exist

If you create your business system, you can expect sales figures.

Sales Figure : Low Save money, Cut cost
Sales Figure : High Buy Equipment, Employ Person



Business System Not Exist

If you would not create your business system, you could not expect sales figures. You cannot know about the current situation of your business.

Sales Figure : Unknown You cannot handle your business. You will not know what you should do next.



How do I create?

If you would build a house, you need the blueprint. If you would create your business system, you need the system blueprint.

You can see the above image that there are three arrows. That is an internet business blueprint. You need to create your business these three figures.

Lead People who might buy your service. Do you know the number of the lead?
CV (Conversion) Percentage. What percentage of those who saw your sales page did they buy?
LTV (Lifetime Value) Amount. How much does a customer buy your service?



A business system is useful for you to know your situation. Business system has a couple of pros as below.

  • You can expect your sales figure.
  • You can get what you should improve your business.
  • You will not be deceived by some get-rich-quick scheme.


If you want to create your business system, you should get your business blueprint. Blueprint consists of three arrows. Lead is the number of person who might buy your service. Conversion is the percentage of those who saw your sales page buy your service. Lifetime value is abbreviated as LTV. It is the amount that a customer used your service.

  • Lead
  • CV (Conversion)
  • LTV (Lifetime Value)

You should create your business system. If you want to know your lead, check site analytics.




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